Welcome to North East Wellbeing

Working together to create NEW outcomes for vulnerable and at risk children across the North East.

With the child at the centre of our provision, our bespoke services offer innovative and creative solutions with proven impact.

We offer the following programmes.

The purpose of Wilderness Schooling is to bring the core education in Maths Science and English to life outdoors.

We do this by bringing children to beautiful places to work with interesting people who scaffold their learning experiences.
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The purpose of Zone West is to join and link community resources to release talent and potential in children.

We do this by committing ourselves to long-term development goals for children and their families.
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The purpose of Curious Beasts is to use puppets to help children and schools to better mental health and wellbeing.

We do this by running workshops and making attachments with, and between, children.
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The purpose of Therapeutic Schooling is to help schools deal with the difficult situations children sometimes face.

We do this by finding special people with the right skills to help hurting and vulnerable children in school.
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Our Therapeutic Wilderness programmes allow children to connect with nature and one another with the aim of building self esteem and resilience. We do this by offering bespoke programmes which incorporate therapeutic approaches and a mixture of nature based and bushcraft activities or outdoor adventures delivered by skilled practitioners. children in school.
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The purpose of NEW Research is to use data to innovate in child health education and wellbeing.

We do this by carefully gathering, organising and presenting information about outcomes to assist service development.
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Our Campaigning purpose is to change the structures that restrict opportunity by using relational power.

We do this by listening to the concerns of our communities and acting with our friends.
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We put the child at the centre of everything we do


The purpose of North East Wellbeing is to create NEW landscapes of life chances for vulnerable children through colourful and creative education.

We do this by providing good leadership, governance and finance so that our family of projects can flourish.
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