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Wilderness Schooling takes children to beautiful places to work with interesting people in order to rediscover the joy of learning. We help children to achieve in school and build self-esteem.


How we started

Some children learn better outside the classroom, with more space, with fewer restrictions, but surprisingly there are few schools who take the core curriculum of Maths, Science and English outside. Through listening closely to the experience of children and teachers in schools, especially those in the inner city we designed programmes for schools focussed on raising attainment by using outdoor space. We gathered SATS data and found that the results are amazing.

What guides us

We know that children can be amazed and inspired by a place and a leader. We also know that children respond to the attention that can be given in small groups. The talented practitioners that deliver Wilderness Schooling programmes will apply the abstract knowledge of maths and English to the practical and concrete outdoor environment. Using this model of learning, we include the social and emotional aspects of learning in order to switch children on to learning to make a lasting difference.

What we currently do

We have published our research into Wilderness Schooling in a peer-reviewed journal, and we are always looking for more schools to collaborate with. We have a wide offer of ways to bring our expertise into school.


“Wilderness Schooling combines education with play and adventure, and children respond to this with enthusiasm, showing impressive initiative during the schooling whilst developing their communication skills and relationships within the groups.”
Dr Toby Quibell


“Wilderness Schools is a wonderful way to support children to develop their English, mathematical and communication skills in an inspirational outdoor environment. The academic and social progress children make from engaging with this programme is backed by academic research and data.”
Craig Heely, Head Teacher, Lemington Riverside Primary School


“The team has developed and delivered lots of engaging activities to challenge our children and impact positively on their wellbeing and resilience. The children love learning outdoors with your team and are excited and curious about each session. These sessions have had such a positive impact on behaviour for learning and wellbeing…can we keep them please!”
Danielle James, Assistant Head – SENCO/Primary Lead Teacher, The Woodlands