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Therapeutic Schooling brings children the expert relationship they need to overcome specific difficulties in school. Practitioners in counselling, speech and language, nurture and behaviour work with children over a number of weeks to reduce anxiety and replace harmful behaviours with productive behaviours. The aim is to reduce inner turmoil and make space for the best of what school can offer.


How we started

Back in 2012 there was a collaboration between the NHS and schools called Targeted Approach to Mental Health in Schools that looked to supplement the provision of the local authority in Darlington. In partnership with Darlington Local Authority, Nick Blackburn set up this charity to deliver a range of high-demand services. This is still our core work and the decline of the local authority as a provider has meant that services like ours are still needed.

What guides us

The key problem we set out to solve was the issue of flexibility for schools. Listening to headteacher colleagues, we found schools unable to commit to employing wellbeing staff and where they were needed a variety of support that one person could not reasonably satisfy. On the other hand we are guided by support for our freelance practitioners – and we aim to provide a community of practitioners serving a community of schools.

What we currently do

We place valued and skilled wellbeing practitioners in schools throughout the North East region, specialist counsellors, family support, speech and language, nurture workers. Each schools needs something slightly different, often in a package containing different expertise, over varying lengths of time. Wherever we are we thoroughly commit ourselves to the children helping them to manage the demands of school in a productive way.

How you can get involved

Please contact us and we will talk to you about the needs of your children and how we can make a package of care suited to your budget.


Helping children to manage the demands of school in a productive way