North East Wellbeing recognises the forces that act on a child’s life over which they have no control. Some of those forces are systemic and institutional, society-wide, top-down and the result of social policies that create losers. Wherever this is the case we are energetic in presenting the experience of children to those in power so that the children and their families can feel that real change in their circumstances is possible.


How we started

There are systemic changes that we at North East Wellbeing would like to see in all areas relating to the wellbeing of children. While we strive to see those systemic changes in our day to day work, we recognise that our reach is small, and that working with brother and sister organisations is the best way to engage the powerful forces shaping institutional practices. When Citizens UK set up an alliance on Tyneside, we were in the first wave or organisations to become involved, and through them we merge our concerns with the voices of communities throughout the region to lobby for meaningful change.

What guides us

The community organising model, whose star alumni is Barack Obama, replicates the science of change established by Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. Using this methodology the experiences and stories of marginalised communities are gathered by listening. At the same time the levers of power are identified, and in a civil and courteous manner the stories are presented to the powerful, with specific requests for change.

What we currently do

North East Wellbeing campaigns because some things are worth campaigning about: violence in our communities, racism and discrimination, marginalisation of those whose single voices are not loud enough. We are pleased and proud to be part of an alliance of organisations that is thinking beyond the individual targets of its members. We are working towards a vision of the world as it should be.

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