Wilderness Schooling seems to have an effect on attainment that could be attributed to a calming effect on the children who take part. They appear more relaxed and focussed in class, when their teachers assess them. This makes good intuitive sense, but it is essential to have it spelled out in controlled data. It provides the foundation for wilderness schooling to build credibility in schools and with educationalists anxious to see the child flourish.

CPD for teachers

We also made a difference to the school-staff who accompanied the children and to the curriculum planning of the school departments from which they came. The intervention was aimed at broadening the scope of their curriculum delivery and enlivening the classroom experience for pupils.

This is a leafy little town, and you might assume that our children do not struggle in the way others might, but that is far from the truth. We have the full range, and Wilderness School is a great fit with our aim for inclusive delivery. I was expecting it to be good for the children, and it was. I did not really think about the effect on colleagues. Refreshed teaching, new eyes on the curriculum, linking subjects in surprising and creative ways. Of course I knew they had it in them… but well done! Richard Coates Middle School, Ponteland, Northumberland

We recognise the importance of more robust assessment measures for this aspect of the intervention, which we will address in future work.