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Wilderness Schooling

We have been delivering this programme successfully for over 5 years now, and we have put together something very special. Using our own unique materials in an inspiring outdoor environment, our specialist practitioners will double the rate of academic progress. A big claim but one which we are pleased to back up with published evidence.

Come and discover what all the fuss is about.

Up to 18 children. 6 days. £3,190: (<£178 per child) – Fully staffed by Wilderness Schooling plus one class teacher from your school. Or £2,050 (<£114 per child) – Wilderness Schooling Teacher plus one class teacher and one TA from your school. Includes School Outcome Study.

Integrating Outdoor Learning

Wilderness Schooling delivers such a boost to curriculum attainment; it begs to be followed up with more sustained development by bringing Wilderness into your school. We love to see a class teacher re-enthused by the possibilities of learning and this programme is designed to create and sustain space in the packed school day to make new practice stick. Our most experienced Wilderness Teachers will be alongside your staff, in class and out, to develop cross-curricula links, quick outdoor learning, lesson planning and measuring outcomes. Contact us to discuss a bespoke programme.

Wilderness Social Skills

We pride ourselves on our ability to raise attainment, at the same time we have noticed that the Wilderness is a great place to improve social skills. This is a short programme designed to improve social skills, cooperation and confidence in group interactions.

Up to 10 children for 6 days: £1,977 (<£198 per child) Wilderness Schooling Teacher plus one TA from your school.

School Outcome Study

For each of the above programmes, we can offer applied social research expertise to gather and present data to the highest levels. The School Outcome Study is integral to the delivery of Wilderness Schooling and we know how to get your data, how to make sense of it and how to present it to show publication-ready outcomes. Full study and report: £340

Becoming a Wilderness School

After participating in one or more Wilderness Schooling programmes a school can integrate the benefits of outdoor learning into their core curriculum.

  • Stage 1. Running a WS Programme: Your school runs a WS programme led by a fully qualified WS Teacher and attended by a WS Trainee teacher from your school.
  • Stage 2. Training for WS Trainee: Training consisting of one day with the NEW team at our regular team training days, and two half-days (or twilights) with a senior WS trainer.
  • Stage 3. Supported Practice: The WS Trainee plans and leads a WS programme supported by a qualified WS Teacher at each of 6 sessions then receives a certificate of qualification.

Contact us to discuss a bespoke programme.

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